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Green Eyed Cat

Why adopt a barn cat?

Sometimes we have cats that just can't live inside as house pets. Therefore, this program is designed to help find homes for cats that have traditionally been deemed unadoptable through our traditional process. This can be a mutually beneficial relationship because you can save the life of a cat and they can scare away unwanted rodents.


Every cat is unique, but there are several reasons why a cat would be eligible for this program.

  1. Cats whose litter box habits make them unsuitable to live in a traditional home.

  2. Cats/kittens who are semi-feral and may be too old to socialize properly.

  3. Cats who prefer to remain outdoors due to their natural behaviors.

Cats in this program have temperaments that range from feral to friendly and the GHHS can't guarantee anything regarding this. We strongly recommend having 2 or more barn cats for companionship and warmth in the winter.

Please Note: this program is only for cats in our shelter. The GHHS does not accept or take in feral cats. 

Adoption fee for Barn Cats is $20

You need to Provide:

  • Safe, permanent shelter with an area of weather-proof covering

  • Veterinary care as needed

  • Continuous fresh food and water

  • A secure place to keep them for the first 3-4 weeks while they acclimate to your space. To ensure the cats do not run away, they must be kept in a large homing crate in their new environment for a minimum of 3 weeks. Then they should be given free range around their new home.  Ask us about lending a large crate if you don't have one.


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