Board of Directors

Julia Bauer


I have been on the board since 2016, and I have served as President since 2019.

Currently I have six pets all adopted from the shelter. My dogs are named  Herbert, Floyd, and Doris, and my cats are named Virgil, Sneed, and Paul.

Emily Wood

Vice President

I have been serving on the board as Vice President since 2019. In addition, I am an interior designer  responsible for the complete renovation of our facility.

I currently have five cats- Digit, Mickey, Iffy, Moogie, and Pogo, two horses- Titan (our rescue horse) and Misty, and 14 chickens.

Stacy Williams


I have been the treasurer at GHHS for two years as well as the secretary for two years 

I have one cat named “Branch” named after the grey troll not the county- we adopted him from the shelter but don’t tell one one that because Santa brought him to our house), and a Jack Russell named Rose. I also adopted four barn cats from the shelter to live on our farm.

Joni Baker


I joined GHHS board in  March 2018 and was elected to secretary in April 2019.


We have always had dogs in our family. We currently have an eight year old Yellow Lab mix named Kodiak. He is blind and has arthritis, but is still a happy dog that loves his people.


In February 2019 we adopted Poppy, the cat from GHHS. I affectionately call her the "Gateway Cat" because by September that year I decided we needed a second cat. That day I came home with Rosco, an eight week old male kitten.

We now live in our home with four humans, a dog, and two wonderful cats. We are currently in the process of making a large outdoor "catio" for Poppy and Rosco, so they can enjoy time outside but still be safe. 

Beth Baxter


My name is Beth Baxter, I moved to Hillsdale in September of 2003 with my husband, Dan, and our three kids, Ben, Nick and Abigail.


Our family also includes many pets: dogs...Aspen, Dakota and Minnie; cats...Star, Lily, Sky, Wizzie and Skittles. The kids and pets keep us on our toes, but life would be boring without them! My hobbies include: pet rescue, gardening and camping. I have been involved with the humane society board for about a year now and have enjoyed getting to know other board members and seeing the transformation of the humane society building. 

Ashley Hemminger


I have been a board member for about two years now


I graduated Veterinary Technician school in 2020, and have always had a passion for helping animals. I have two dogs, two cats, and three horses at home. I also enjoy being outdoors, traveling, snowboarding, and spending as much time as I can with family. 

Karen Dewey

I have been on the Humane Society Board for going on three years now. we do not have any pets at this time. We do baby sit for fur grandbabies sometimes.


There have been so many new and exciting changes that have happened at the shelter during this time. It is a rewarding opportunity to be working with such a great group of people that have the same goal of helping and caring for the needy animals in our community. 


Amy Howe


I joined the board 2019 and I am very excited for the brand new shelter!  My husband and I enjoy helping all the animals.  In 2017 we adopted Ruby and in 2018 we adopted Tuesday, both from the shelter.  We also have three other dogs that we've rescued and two pet pigs, 1 donkey, and 15 Chickens. It's my goal to help all the animals have a voice.

Danielle Bagenski

Coming Soon!

Hillsdale College liaison