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About Us

Since 1974, the Greater Hillsdale Humane Society (GHHS) has been dedicated to the welfare and protection of animals. The organization is an independent, registered 501(c)3 nonprofit operating under no-kill standards. We are focused on helping orphaned, injured and abused pets by providing them safe shelter, care and nutrition which will help them lead happy, healthy lives. In addition, our mission is to relieve the suffering and the prevention of cruelty to animals.  We rely solely on contributions made by members of the community.

Our Facility

Our Facility

In September 2019 the Greater Hillsdale Humane Society started a complete remodel of their facility. Every area of the shelter has been addressed for improving not only the physical lives of the animals in our care, but also their mental well-being.

Phase one of the remodel was to completely tear out the old dog runs. The dog kennel now has 17 runs with 12 being indoor/outdoor, kitchen, puppy/small dog room and plenty of storage. An additional play area outside was added. Also, a dog meeting room was built for visitors to spend time with our dogs, in a quieter space. Several other issues we addressed throughout the building were acoustics, LED lighting and a new ventilation system.


Phase two of the renovation was to make the old "cat garage" into a much more efficient space for our cats. The cat kennel now has all new cages with partial glass doors, separate kitchen and more storage for linens and carriers. In addition, a cat play area with a viewing window was added so visitors can play with our cats.

The cat and dog isolation were remodeled so there is no cross contamination between other animals, due to increased ventilation and separate work areas.

We are currently in the last phase of construction, which is the reception area, exam room, grooming room and the cat social room. A large concrete block wall will be removed to increase the size of the reception area. In addition, new glass back cages were installed so our kitties can see be seen. The social room will have two play walls, feeding area, climbing tree and glass windows to see our visitors.

Due to the Covid-19 shutdown we were not able to start the capital campaign to fund some of this remodel. Any donations towards our renovation would be greatly appreciated.

old outdoor kennel

Old outdoor dog kennel

New outdoor kennel

New outdoor kennel. Concrete, siding, roof and runs replaced. Lighting added with new fencing.

Old Kennel Room

Old runs torn out for new indoor/outdoor area.

Dog Kennel

Dog kennel construction in addition to new storage closet.

New Kennel Room

New indoor/oudoor dog runs.

Dog kitchen new

New meal prep area just for the dogs.

New Hallway

New doorway through into cat kennel

old cat kennel:garage

Old cat "garage without adequate space for our cats.

new cat kitchen:kennel

Construction of new cat kitchen and cages.

new cat storage:cat play

New cat linen closet, shelves and play area.

New cat cages

New cat cages with port holes for housing options. All cages have a resting bench.

Cat isolation

Construction of cat isolation.

Reception cages

New glass back reception cages for cats.


Demolition of concrete wall in reception area. New door added and walls for cat condos.


Renovated old storage room into grooming room with walk-up tub.

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