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Baby Girl

Meet Cooper and Sawyer

Cooper and Sawyer came to us when a State Police officer got a call about 2 dogs being abandoned. These two boys were starving and had so many collars and tie outs on them it was horrifying. 

They both are super sweet and have amazing personalities. They are both so grateful the officer fed them and brought them to us. They were both so scared. But are now so happy and full of life. These two have been together their whole life. They are bonded and we can't imagine separating them. They will cry if one is not with the other. They need each other. They like to keep each other busy- their favorite game is tag out in the play yard! 

Cooper and Sawyer are not rowdy, they are not fearful, they are huge lovers. They just want to be wanted together and live their best life off a chain, with someone who will treat them as they deserve to be treated- with love and compassion. They have great personalities and are super sweet. They are shelter favorites!


We understand they are a lot of dog to take on at once, but they truly are inseparable.



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