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What is Happy Hour? 

Happy Hour is where you take an approved dog out of the shelter for the day! Taking a dog out of the shelter environment can allow us to learn so much about their behavior, as well as give them a break from the anxieties of their kennel. 

Happy Hour will take place Tuesday - Friday, 10AM- 3PM. We are not offering Happy Hour on Saturday currently, but stay up to date on social media, as that may change. 

The Rules

Please adhere to the following rules so we can keep our dogs safe while they are out of our care. 

1. You must be over 18 to participate with valid ID

2. Do not EVER allow the animal off leash. Dogs are required to be on a harness for safety reasons. 

3. Stay with the dog at all times.

4. Only 1 dog per car.


5. The dog is not allowed to have one-on-one contact with personal animals or other dogs. If other dogs/animals are encountered- that is ok as long as totally supervised.

6. Do not take the dog to non-dog friendly places.

7. Return the Animal by 3:00 PM.

Sign Up

Click the button below to sign-up for Happy Hour! 

In order to select a pet, browse our page of adoptable dogs and include the name when signing up/booking. If that pet is not available for Happy Hour, a staff member will suggest an alternative pet! 

*Puppies are not eligible for Happy Hour due to vaccination status*

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