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We give a temporary home to hundreds of animals each year. These animals need us for many reasons, but most importantly we provide a gentle and caring place where  these animals can seek refuge and safety with a loving touch. With your commitment as a cage sponsor, you are helping us provide needed care to each homeless animal that curls up within your warm, safe cage. Each cage sponsor has the option to choose a dog or cat cage within our shelter. This is also a wonderful way to honor a pet-lover or a pet. The cost of the sponsorship reflects the expenses incurred to care for one animal for 365 days.

34 Cat Kennel Annual Sponsorships Available - $750


Cat kennel bank

Back side of reception kennels

Kitten kennel bank

32 Dog Kennel Annual Sponsorships Available - $1,000

Dog runs

Twelve 42" dog kennels w/outdoor access

Connecting outdoor dog runs

For more information on sponsoring a kennel, please contact Emily at (517)610-1166, contact us through email at or call the shelter at (517)523-2308. Thank you for your consideration.

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