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Intake 3/8/24

Meet Dash!


Dash is a previous GHHS resident and was adopted back in 2018. The owners recently had to move into an apartment from a house, and they started having problems with Dash trying to attack their neighbors' dogs when they'd come past the apartment.Unfortunately, the apartment complex said he had to go.


Dash is a sweet dog to the humans here, but he is nervous being in the kennels and tries to push his way under the kennel door (which is why his nose is sore in the pictures). We have him lightly sedated to help with his stress in the kennel. He has not tried to attack any of the dogs here and doesn't seem to react to them when he sees them, so we think he might just have a territorial problem. Because of this, we think he should be in a house with his own yard, preferably fenced in but not required.


Dash would prefer a family with a house instead of an apartment, and he does great with cats and kids. We think with a good, slow introduction, he might do well living with another dog if that dog is more laid back.


Dash is neutered, microchipped, up to date on all of his vaccinations, and tested negative for heartworm.

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