Longest Residents

We are so pleased you found your way to our longest residents page! These are the pets who have been sitting in our shelter, waiting for a furever home the longest. If you'd like more information regarding one of these animals- please do not hesitate to call the shelter at 517-523-2308



Do you live an active lifestyle? We have the perfect pup for you! Meet Reigh! 


Reigh came to our shelter from El Paso. She is a Jack Russell / Husky mix, and you guessed it- she is a big bundle of energy ⚡️She is 1 1/2 years old, and doesn’t have a whole lot of manners or training. As she is basically still a puppy- she tends to grab at you when she plays- not aggressively. As she is still young, this is something that can be worked on with a little bit of training.


Due to her high energy level, we recommend a family with older children. Reigh is not cat friendly, and has never been around other dogs at our shelter. If you have another dog, we require a meet and greet to make sure they get along! As Reigh is very high energy, a fenced in yard- if you own a home- is strongly recommend, but not required. 


Husky / Jack Russell Mix


White / Tan


1.5 Years Old