Adoption Prodecure

Bringing a new pet into your family is a big decision and we are so glad that you are interested in adopting a shelter pet from us.


Public visiting hours are 10-4 p.m Tuesday through Saturday. We welcome interested adopters to visit with various adoptable pets during these hours, no appointment is necessary. The shelter now has private meeting rooms in which you can become acquainted with the pets on an individual basis to get a feel for their individual personalities and needs.  


We know our pet photos are adorable, but it's best to select your companion based on their personality and compatibility with your family and lifestyle. It is important to that you bring any children with you to meet potential pets. We also recommend that all family members be present for an adoption. Spending quality time with any potential pet is key. This will help ensure that your potential pet is the best possible fit for everyone in the family. We welcome all adopters, from any county or state.

We prefer if you complete an application prior to meeting the animals so we can help you make a great match.




Individuals wishing to adopt a pet must complete an application once they’ve identified the pet they are interested in adopting.

If you currently have a dog and wish to adopt another, it is best that you have a special visit so both dogs can meet each other. The shelter has a play yard to assist with new introductions.

We require:

  • Government issued ID

  • Adopters must be 18 years of age

  • Cash or credit card to pay the adoption fees

  • If you rent your home, please come prepared with your landlord’s information so that we can confirm pets are allowed in your residence.

  • A relationship with a veterinarian. If you are a new pet owner we require that you confirm which veterinary hospital you will be using.

If you submit an application for an animal that is not yet ready for adoption, please note that we may not be able to provide you with an exact time when the animal will be ready for adoption. 

Please allow at least an hour for the adoption process. There are exceptions, but typically adoptions are the same day.

Adoptions are first come, first served, first approved. We do "hold" adopted animals for 5 days.




Cats: $85.00 - six months up to 8 years.

Kittens: $85.00 and $125.00 for two siblings (6 months and younger)

Senior Cats: $20.00  (8 years and up)

Puppies: $200.00 - 6 months and younger

Dogs: $150.00 - over 6 months

Adoption fees are discounted (based on the regular adoption fee) for senior citizens 60 years of age and older in the following instances:

  • Cats 8 years of age or older - $10.00

  • Dogs 8 years of age or older - $100.00

Adoption fees include:
  • Spay/Neuter surgery

  • Initial health check

  • Current vaccinations (age appropriate)

  • Initial de-worming

  • Feline Leukemia test - cats

  • Heartworm test - dogs

  • Behavorial assesment

  • Microchip ID

Adoption fees help offset the cost of caring for the animals prior to being adopted. We do not receive any additional funding from the county or the State of Michigan, so our only source of income is through donations and adoption fees.

After the Adoption

About 10 days after the adoption the shelter director will follow-up with you to see how your new pet is doing in their new home and offer assistance if you should need it.

Please Note: All of our rescues are spayed and neutered before adoption. For any reason the animal has to be returned, the adoption fee is fully refundable for 14 days after the adoption. The GHHS will take back any animal that has been adopted from our shelter, but a surrender fee of $40.00 will apply after 30 days. In addition, any additional veterinary fees are the responsibility of the person adopting the pet.