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Intake 5/4/24

Meet Thor!

Thor is a very sweet Staffordshire Terrier that was previously called Potato by our staff. He was recently returned after being adopted from GHHS last year. After living with cats the whole time he was with the family, he suddenly decided he hates cats.

If you are not a cat, Thor loves you and wants to be your best friend. He loves tennis balls, fetch and a good booty-scratchin' session! He has a very happy tail that is constantly wagging (and sometimes knocking things off of low tables!). He loves humans of all sizes and gets along with dogs just fine. Because of his size and energy level, we do think he should be in a home with children over the age of 5. Our Potato does have a high prey drive, so we recommend no small critters like cats or rabbits or chickens in the vicinity. We do require a meet & greet if you have another dog.

Thor is neutered, microchipped, up to date on all of his vaccinations, and tested negative for heartworm.

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