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Intake 7/15/23

Meet Duke!

Duke came to us originally from another shelter in 2021, and was adopted. Then, in 2023 he was returned through no fault of his own. He’s been in here ever since. He’s now almost 7 years old and has spent most of his years in shelters. Duke needs to be the only pet in the home.

Duke is a goofball, and a shelter favorite. When he’s doing tricks (he knows sit, lay down, shake, and speak!) he will scooch backwards while “sitting” to really emphasize that he is, in fact, sitting down. He also walks great on a leash, and LOVES to go for car rides! He even loves bath time here at the shelter!

This boy loves toys, and especially loves to destroy stuffed toys. However, because he also loves to swallow toy parts, we have banned him from having them here at the shelter. He’s had a couple of surgeries to repair his intestines because of damage done by squeakers! He still gets Kongs, and other toys that don’t come apart.

Duke has had most of his teeth removed, has “old man bumps” on his body, seems to have lost some of his hearing, and drools A LOT, but he makes up for all of that with the amount of love he shows, and the amount of fun he has. Although he’s spent so much of his life in shelters, his spirit is always up and he loves living life to the fullest!

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